Total prize US$6.000


Nudie Jeans - Sweden



Jak&Jil dreams with a world where sustainable fashion is the norm, in which every piece of clothing is produced in high-quality design, considering several ethical and environmental aspects. But until this becomes a reality, we aspire to find fashion brands (from emerging to well established ones) that are taking the necessary steps to reduce its footprint and reward the one with the most sustainable idea. If you strongly believe that your brand is making fashionable products as well as carrying a responsible attitude when it comes to the environment and the people in it, please subscribe! Don’t miss your chance of winning $3.000 dollars and still donating the same amount to a NGO partner of this movement. For more information about the Sustainable Fashion Award 2018, check out the Terms & Conditions or go to our FAQ.

About the prize

The total prize is US$ 6.000 (six thousand dollars)
Half of it goes for the winner project and the other half for an NGO (partner of the SFA 2018) picked by the winner.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last.”
Vivienne Westwood


  • Sass Brown (Founding Dean of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation)

    Sass Brown

    Founding Dean of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation

    United Kingdom

  • Jennifer Nini (Editor in Chief at Eco Warrior Princess & Digital Strategist at The Social Copywriter)

    Jennifer Nini

    Editor in Chief at Eco Warrior Princess & Digital Strategist at The Social Copywriter


  • Fernanda Simon (Fashion Revolution BR Coordinator & Brazil Eco Fashion Week co-idealizer)

    Fernanda Simon

    Fashion Revolution BR Coordinator & Brazil Eco Fashion Week co-idealizer


  • Florian Guillaume (Sustainable and social innovation leader. Co-founder of EU Tomorrow.)

    Florian Guillaume

    Sustainable and social innovation leader. Co-founder of EU Tomorrow.


  • Jen Brownlie (Former fast fashion addict turned slow & Responsible fashion advocate.)

    Jen Brownlie

    Former fast fashion addict turned slow & Responsible fashion advocate.

    United Kingdom

  • Jeffrey Hogue (Chief Sustainability Officer & Circular Economy Leader)

    Jeffrey Hogue

    Chief Sustainability Officer & Circular Economy Leader


  • Marta Karwacka (Sutainability CSR Expert and copywriter at How to Wear Fair?)

    Marta Karwacka

    Sutainability CSR Expert and copywriter at How to Wear Fair?


  • Carmela Scarpi (Publisher & Fashion Producer at Even More Comunicações)

    Carmela Scarpi

    Publisher & Fashion Producer at Even More Comunicações


  • Antonia Böhlke (Founder and creative director at )

    Antonia Böhlke

    Founder and creative director at


  • Helô Gomes  (Journalist and Founder of Coletivo Lírico)

    Helô Gomes

    Journalist and Founder of Coletivo Lírico


  • Silvia Kabaivanova (Editor in chief of Be Global Fashion Network)

    Silvia Kabaivanova

    Editor in chief of Be Global Fashion Network


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi




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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018?

The Sustainable Fashion Awards is open to designers and brands from every country, being either emerging talents or professionals, who are leading the way to a sustainable future, and have at least one completed project on this matter. The SFA is held in English so it is really important that you are able to understand this language. The enrolled project can range from one garment to a full collection, and must fit into at least one of these socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly actions described below.

Eligible Sustainable Features

Handmade pieces;
Local manufacturing;
Develop fair trade;
Smart design;
Zero fabric waste;
Animal welfare;
Use of recycled, upcycled or organic materials;
Consider the full lifecycle of a product.

Who is the initiator of the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018?

The Sustainable Fashion Awards is initiated by Jak&Jil, which is a fashion online mall platform of Mucca. Visit us on

Why has Mucca established the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018?

As a Tech Startup, Mucca is focused on looking to the future. And also as a fashion lover, our company feels the importance of supporting causes that are the future of it. That's why we've created the SFA, to honor and encourage innovative brands and designers who also believe that the fashion of the future is sustainable, and that it must exist from now on.

What is the prize of the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018?

If your project becomes the overall winner, you will receive a prize of $3.000 (three thousand dollars) and will also be asked to pick one of the NGO partners of the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018 to also win $3.000.

What is the entry deadline and fee?

The deadline for entries to the SFA 2018 is 23:59 GMT on Friday 31 October 2018. There is no fee payable for subscribing for the SFA.

What are the main requirements for submitting an entry?

The main things we will need you to provide us are:

A description of the project up to 1500 characters that mention how it is eligible as sustainable;
Names of those who should be credited for the design and production;
An image or images of your project. Pick this material carefully since it is a very important element of your entry. Don't forget to send us the details of your work. This is what allow us to see the quality of it after all. Each entry must contain from 1 up to 20 photographs of your project.

How do I enter the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018?

To apply your project on the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018, you must follow our easy 3 steps registration:

Register the required personal information on the entry page here;
Provide us with the explanatory text;
Upload your project's supporting images.

Who judges the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018?

We believe that the foundation of all good fashion awards is to select a strong, fair and experienced competition jury that, through its valuable insight and knowledge base, is able to evaluate entries submitted with mastery.

That's why our jury is composed by professionals with experience in many areas, such as fashion, design and sustainability, not authorized to participate in the competition and not employees of Mucca. Please see details of the judging panel here.

How is the winner chosen?

After the application period closes, Mucca will go through all applications and select those projects that provided the proper material and are eligible as sustainable. Thus, the international judging committee will evaluate the valid projects by assigning a score from 0 to 10 to each one of these criterias:

Technical Quality

How will my images be used?

Your images can only be used for purposes of promotion of the Sustainable Fashion Awards. One of the great things about the SFA is it's global reach. Through this platform, your project will be attributed to you and viewed all around the world.

Will I be compensated for the use of my images?

here is no monetary remuneration for the use of your images.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Competition

1.1 The Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018 will recognise and reward those projects who are able to demonstrate innovative ideas capable of creating sustainable changes in the fashion sector.

1.2. By entering this competition, companies and the individuals entering on their behalf, agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and acknowledge that failure to comply with them may result in disqualification.

1.3. The SFA will close at 23:59 GMT on Friday 31 October 2018. Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered. No purchase or payment of any fee is necessary to enter.

1.4. The promoter and administrator of this Competition is Mucca, whose registered office is at Curitiba, Brazil.

2 Eligibility

2.1. Brands and designers wishing to apply for the Sustainable Fashion Award must be able to prove that they have a completed project of sustainable fashion.

2.2. Restrictions. Are prohibited from taking part in this competition employees and immediate family members of employees of Mucca.

3. Entry Requirement

3.1. Online Entry Form. In order to enter attendants must complete the online entry form found at All entries must be submitted in English. There is no limit on the number of entries a single company may submit, however each entry must correspond to a different and distinct project idea. Participants agree that any and all information they submit to SFA for the purposes of entering this competition shall:

3.2 Not be offensive, defamatory or otherwise unlawful;

3.3 Not infringe the intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third party.

3.4. Any personal data which may be submitted in an entry will be processed by Mucca in accordance with the Jak&Jil privacy policy, available at

3.5 Intellectual property rights. By submitting a project in this competition, the entrant warrants and represents that (s)he owns all of the intellectual and industrial property rights in and to the project. Mucca reserves the right to make use of images of submitted projects for promotional material in connection with the Awards, as well as announcing the winners publicly. Use of material in this capacity either in whole or part will not attract payment of copyright. Where we are made aware of their names, all the ones involved in the project will be credited.

4 Judging

4.1 The judging commission defined by Mucca will be made up of consultants with experience in the areas of fashion, photography and specialists in the subject matter covered;

4.2 The Judging Panel shall analyze and evaluate from 1 to 10 each following criterias:
4.3 Design;
4.4 Innovation;
4.5 Technical Quality;
4.6 Sustainability.

4.7 Evaluation. The members of the judging committee will evaluate the project by compiling the sum of a scoring ranking according to each criteria above.

4.8 There is no element of chance in determining the Competition winners. The Judging Panel’s decision is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. General

5.1 Mucca reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, suspend or amend the Competition, and to exclude any entries which it considers are inappropriate, false or do not comply with these terms and conditions.

5.2 Mucca is not responsible for:

5.3 Any incomplete or inaccurate information used in connection with the SFA;

5.4 Failures or errors which may occur in the administration of the SFA.

5.5 Prize money will be paid within 1 year of the winner’s announcement on January 10th, 2019.